The 3 Best Reasons You Should Explore Escalante

You know that feeling you get when you are about to go somewhere new?




I love that feeling. It reeks of exploration. It's quite simply intoxicating. Which is why exploring Escalante felt like perfection. During my grand adventure, I discovered the 3 best reasons why everyone should explore Escalante. 

1. It's off the beaten path

Quite literally. 

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On our way down, we stopped at a cute little cafe where they recommended stopping in at the visitor's center before our little excursion. What a great tip! The area is prone to flash flooding and sometimes the roads are impassable for trusty minivan road warriors. Plus, bathrooms are a wee bit scarce once you leave the main road. 

Most of the good hikes are off dirt roads in the middle of the barren desert. My trusty minivan endured the bumpy dirt road, but if you truly want to explore, a better vehicle is a fantastic idea. 

2. It's incredibly unique

I like different. 

I just do.

Always have.

And Escalante is breathtakingly unforgiving terrain with areas where the "trails" are marked by piles of rocks. 

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We only had time to explore the Dry Fork area, which includes Spooky Gulch and Peek-a-boo, but it was spectacular.  

2018-03-25 12.59.55 1.jpg

Even though it was spring, the cool of the narrow canyon was welcomed. It was fascinating to know this little canyon was hidden in that broad expanse of desolation. It made me wonder what else was hiding out in the broad expanse of desert. 

2018-03-25 01.05.40 1.jpg

3. Being off the grid is pretty great

Maybe it's just me, but I love it when I don't have cell phone reception. And I super love being in the middle of nowhere experiencing something really cool. 

I just feel more present. 

And hiking through this area felt the most like hiking in the middle of absolutely nowhere. We even ran into some cows. They seemed mildly annoyed at our intrusion.

2018-03-25 01.37.29 1.jpg

There are so many other areas I want to explore in Escalante. Next time, I hope to make it Calf Creek Falls and explore the Escalante River. 

Where's your next adventure? 

Share your amazing places with me...and where I should go next! Tag me on Instagram @ComfortablyCorvidae.

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