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“You were great to work with. You're a good find, some lucky company would be blessed to have you”


Partner Mighty Clever


CEO Lark Creative Content

"Stacey is splendid. One of the quickest, savviest sales copywriters I've ever worked with. You just hand over the project details and wait for her to deliver on-point, beautifully written copy. On deadline, every time." 

Blog mutt customer


"Fantastic guide, simple and straightforward and good references to the vertical we're targeting. Thanks very much!"


CEO, Delta Member Services

"Stacey was critical in writing our content for the new website set to launch next month. She was thorough and quick, whether it was content for an in depth piece requiring extensive research, or editing our monthly journal. Her work was stellar and she helped us to create key marketing pieces for brochures and white papers that we continue to use."