Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Article originally published on LinkedIn Pulse

When I began writing for the web 8 years ago, marketing was the last thing on my mind. As I developed my personal blog and eventually my brand, marketing became not only important but imperative to the growth and success of my websites. Little did I know at the time that I was beginning my journey into content marketing. 

What is considered content?

To keep it simple, content is anything that educates, entertains, or provides information. This includes Websites, podcasts, videos, books, ebooks, infographics, social media posts and blog articles, to name a few. The wide variety of media that include content is the reason the phrase "Content is King" was coined. 

Content is quite literally, everything.

Why is content marketing important?

The trend in online marketing is inbound marketing which relies heavily on content. Consumers want to be educated and entertained before making a purchase. Through social media platforms, companies are able to engage their customers in a new way that is providing higher conversion rates and loyalty among consumers.

Why is it important to have an excellent content team?

While content is often free to create, good content isn't. Every CEO is not a writer and every writer is not a CEO. 

A friend of mine who owns a chiropractor business once asked me why I write for so many companies. Why don't they create their own content? I explained it to him this way: Just because you are the best chiropractor in the city doesn't mean you know how to write about it in a way that will entice, educate or entertain customers in a meaningful way. 

Having a team that excels in content, allows companies to use content to their advantage. They create engaging, relevant, shareable content for websites, social media platforms and email campaigns. The power of content boosts conversion and improves overall engagement with the right team in place. 

Why is content king for me?

While my background as a Mom Blogger seems an unlikely beginning for a content marketer, it actually makes perfect sense. I spent years perfecting the art of niche writing and learned how to use social media platforms along the way. Education classes online helped me learn the ins and outs of content marketing and writing for a large variety of websites allowed me to hone my writing skills. 

While my journey is taking me on a more technical path, the years spent learning the art of content marketing as a blogger are invaluable.